Make being home an Event – 5 apps

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Stuck at home with a small group of housemates or family? Here are some fun apps to play together. Gather up your friends and family and plan a day full of games.

  1. Heads up
Heads Up! on the App Store

One person holds up their phone to their forehead. He/she has to guess the word on the phone without looking. The others have to describe the words using actions.

2. Would You Rather?

Would You Rather? 3 Game Modes 2020 - Apps on Google Play

The game comes up with a list of questions that players have to ask each other. It gives you two scenarios to choose from. Players have to choose an option and answer why they did.

3. Triple Agent

Triple Agent - Apps on Google Play

Each game is 10 minutes of cunning and deception. Each player is secretly assigned to a role of Service agent or a VIRUS double agent. You have to pass the device around to get information about the other players. At the end of the game each player has to vote who they impersonated. If the double agent is imprisoned, the Service wins. Cool graphic to guide players.

4. Buzzer – Family Feud Game Show

4 Tech Solutions Publisher's Top Apps in US Google Play Store

Players have to buzz in the app when they choose to answer the question. It will record your score.

5. Uno Friends

Uno Friends - Apps on Google Play

Everyone who is playing must download the app. The app will mediate what cards you get. Create an online group with whomever you want to play with. Follow the instruction and play the online card game.

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