London Eid Festival – Thanked those who Attended

It was a beautiful and unforgettable sight to behold tens of thousands of people from across communities and cultures unite as one to celebrate at the London Eid Festival at the renowned Westfield London, W12.  We

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NikeTown London Adds Plus-Size & Para-Sport Mannequins

In an article written on HYPEBEAST, NIKE London takes sportswear fashion to the next level. Article from: https://hypebeast.com/2019/6/nike-niketown-london-plus-size-para-sport-mannequins-in-store?fbclid=IwAR2-FMxF4yvBd4ZWLlZ0UirK0lymcc6BUX1cLn1uHyAYmyedZiSDWkaUvr4 NikeTown London Adds Plus-Size & Para-Sport Mannequins to Encourage Inclusivity in Sportswear Nike is helping to redefine inclusivity in

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Robotic Process Automation Tutorial

The Robotics & Automation exhibition that took place October last year, brought thousands to people to witness the advancement in manufacturing and warehousing. The Robotics Process Automation(RPA) allows organizations to automate task just like a human beings. https://eventsforlondon.co.uk/event/robotics-and-automation-2018/

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Sounds Like London

A festival month of Music and dance is here to entertain you. Enjoy concerts, workshops and events in the Sound Like London festival. The festival is to celebrate upcoming performers at the capital's grassroots venues. The

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