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Welcome to London’s Free Event Listings Portal, designed to provide as much exposure as possible for your community, commercial or free event and the services you provide to the event industry. Become an active contributor and join the conversation about everything and anything about Events in London and the Home Counties.

Approval of Events being Listed

To speed up the approval process of your events, please complete your profile information and add your profile & cover picture in the profile section. Visitors can then verify the organiser/provider of the event. If you have any problems, please email

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If you want to gain maximum exposure for your event, we suggest adding pre-event, event day, and post-event updates here, as this page, receives just as many visitors as the main calendar and the home page.


  • We have 100s of genuine visitors looking for events daily, sometimes 1000s at the weekends; please give them the details of your event in full. If it is of interest to them, they will visit your link/event, but don’t submit a one-liner only, which links to your event or ticket site where visitors cannot gather enough information about your event from this site.
  • You did not submit a corresponding picture of the event, rather just a random picture to complete the submission.
  • The person/company submitting contributor profile lacks the basic information, cover and profile photos, links to a website or social channel, and some information about and expertise. We have had phantom events with tickets being sold. We need to be assured you are a genuine entity.
  • Invest your time in making a valuable submission; your Event will be approved.

Featured, Immediate Approval & Front Page Listings

If you would like Your Event to be part of the Featured Listings or featured on the front page, or to get immediate approval, please complete your profile and email us at for more details.

London Events

London’s Free to List Events Listings Calendar for All Events in London

List your London Events, Workshops, Conferences, Family Events, Business Events, Shows, Gigs, Live Music, Self Help, Outdoor Events, Circuses, Theatre, Concerts, Plays, Talks, Gallery Exhibitions, Comedy Shows, Free Events, Film Screenings, Wellness, Food Festivals, Educational, Networking, Sports and Community Events. This Calendar Includes London’s Unique and Alternative Events. Find Something New to do in London Today, This Week and Future London Events.

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