Real or Fashion Rip-Offs?

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In a video filmed and produced by Ruth Evans, She shows how big brands steal fashion ideas from small business designers and post it on sale in their website. BBC News London gives you an inside look of these fashion rip -off stories.

Designer talk about how their personal designs that are heart-felt is taken from them. ”It’s like a stab in the heart” one designer says. They also talk about how businesses can prevent this from happening, or how they can protect themselves when it does happen. Customers are enlighten about their part in this as well.

Here is the video:

Five independent businesses have told BBC Stories they are repeatedly being ripped off by high street names.

Jo Tutchener-Sharp of Scamp & Dude, Jen Manning of Willows Call, Claire Pérez of Fable Heart, Jerri Cook of Dippy Cow Nails, and Alex Tullock of Alex Kate The Label claim copying is rife among big brands – but now they plan to fight back.

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Filmed and produced by Ruth Evans

Edit: Jemma Cox

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