Ertugrul to Muhammad al Fatih: The Rise of the Ottomans!

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Come listen to the story about the greatest Ottoman leaders after Ertuhtul. It was foretold 100s for years before by The Prophet( saw) that that would be a great leader that would command a great army. Who was he and what do we know about him? Attend the Free Event to find out.

Conquering Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey) by a Muslim commander was also predicted by the Prophet (saw). Who was the man who made the prediction become reality?What qualities did he possess?

Join this FREE Seminar by Shaykh Zahir Mahmood delivered for the 1st time ever!

Price: FREE (Reservation compulsory, no children under 7). Please try to bring a friend or family member with you who usually doesn’t attend events like these! Booking for them is also necessary with their name and email address.

For booking, please visit: WWW.ALBURUJPRESS.COM

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