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13th Native Spirit Indigenous Film Festival – WIÑAYPACHA (ETERNITY)

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13th Native Spirit Film Festival 12-20 October celebrates UNESCO International Year of Indigenous Languages 2019 with a rare opportunity to see films by International Indigenous Filmmakers. For Latin American House community members - Children and Parents

Urban NDNZ Triple Bill – 13th Native Spirit Festival

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URBAN NDNZ - Native Spirit Festival in partnership with Rio Cinema present three films (1961 to 2019) about Reservations, Urban life and identity for contemporary young Native Americans. THE MYSTERY OF NOW - 16 minutes Director:

MĀORI TO MAASAI-13th Native Spirit Indigenous Film Festival

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Photo Credit: Taratoa Stappard GIIWE: THIS IS HOME Dir. Merle Robillard | 2019 | Cree, Canada/New Zealand | 30' Brent Mitchell, was taken from his Ojibwe home in Great Falls, Manitoba in a practice referred to

SILLA AND SAMI -13th Native Spirit Indigenous Film Festival

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Programme subject to changes Celebrating 70th Anniversary of Skolt Sámi move to Inari area, Finland with Q&A Erika Benke, BBC World Service ITALINA (Skolt Sámi music video) VÁLLJEN (Skolt Sámi music video) FIGHTING FOR LAPLAND -

13 Native Spirit Festival 12-20 Oct – 24 SNOW / 24 СНЕГА

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Director Mikhail Barynin, 2016, Yakut language with English subtitles, Russian Federation, 1h 30min Trailer: The unbearable climate of the Arctic region of Yakutia. Permafrost. For most of the year, the temperature is below zero and

13th Native Spirit Indigenous Film Festival – BOLIVIA & ANDES

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HUAHUA Dir. Joshi Espinosa | 2018 | Ecuador | 70’ A young aboriginal couple faces an unexpected pregnancy that will make them question their identity and the world in which they will raise their child. OTHER

The Launch of 13th Native Spirit Indigenous Film Festival- UNESCO IYIL2019

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Programme may be subject to changes - check for updates. Join us for morning 10-1pm and afternoon 2-4pm events at Brunei Theatre (see Individual listings). Follow us on social media @nativespirituk __________ Native Spirit launches on