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13th Native Spirit Indigenous Film Festival – WIÑAYPACHA (ETERNITY)

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13th Native Spirit Film Festival 12-20 October celebrates UNESCO International Year of Indigenous Languages 2019 with a rare opportunity to see films by International Indigenous Filmmakers. For Latin American House community members - Children and Parents

Urban NDNZ Triple Bill – 13th Native Spirit Festival

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URBAN NDNZ - Native Spirit Festival in partnership with Rio Cinema present three films (1961 to 2019) about Reservations, Urban life and identity for contemporary young Native Americans. THE MYSTERY OF NOW - 16 minutes Director:

MĀORI TO MAASAI-13th Native Spirit Indigenous Film Festival

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Photo Credit: Taratoa Stappard GIIWE: THIS IS HOME Dir. Merle Robillard | 2019 | Cree, Canada/New Zealand | 30' Brent Mitchell, was taken from his Ojibwe home in Great Falls, Manitoba in a practice referred to

SILLA AND SAMI -13th Native Spirit Indigenous Film Festival

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Programme subject to changes Celebrating 70th Anniversary of Skolt Sámi move to Inari area, Finland with Q&A Erika Benke, BBC World Service ITALINA (Skolt Sámi music video) VÁLLJEN (Skolt Sámi music video) FIGHTING FOR LAPLAND -

13 Native Spirit Festival 12-20 Oct – 24 SNOW / 24 СНЕГА

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Director Mikhail Barynin, 2016, Yakut language with English subtitles, Russian Federation, 1h 30min Trailer: The unbearable climate of the Arctic region of Yakutia. Permafrost. For most of the year, the temperature is below zero and