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Affordable studio space in London

Proposition Studios is the first UK arts organisation focused on reimagining our civilizations role in the biosphere and inspiring public dialogue on THE HUMAN AS PART OF ECOLOGY. Established as a charity in 2018, our core functions are

i) to build bridges between expert land workers and scientists who are developing regenerative farming practices, and creatives who are passionate about exploring and transforming our civilizations relationship to the natural world.

ii) to empower grassroots artists so that they can be financially self-sufficient and enabled to make work in a challenging economic environment.



The human as part of ecology – why food?
Food is a fulcrum for human being’s relationship with the natural world. In the past 50 years there has been a meteoric decline in life on earth. Vertebrates have declined by 60%, marine species breeding biomass have declined by 65% & a 27 year study in Germany recorded a 75% decline in insect biomass. On our current trajectory more of the world will become uninhabitable in the near future due to rising sea levels & increasing temperatures. We must change this direction.

Food is at the very heart of these problems. The number one reason for the decline of land species is habitat loss, of this, Agriculture is the number one cause. Industrial fishing is one of the lead causes of decline in marine life. Agricultural chemicals & monoculture farming are having a devastating impact on insect populations. Food as a whole has the largest greenhouse gas emissions of any sector. Our civilisations’ dominant form of agriculture results in not only the largest proportion of pollution, it is also responsible for monumental decline in the biosphere’s ability to sequester carbon.

Tens of thousands of farmers across the world are demonstrating there are many other ways of producing food that increase biodiversity & ecological resilience while providing for human needs. Cutting edge science is being combined with traditional practice to create farming systems that can be applied systematically to create ecological abundance in all climatic regions of the world. These pioneers have a message about the potential future of humanity, this message is the Proposition we are working to deliver.

The potential of food to transform the biosphere is not commonly understood. We need to re-imagine our role on this planet & provoke feelings that can drive us toward a future of prosperity. That is exactly what artists working with Proposition Studios are doing. Farmers often work in almost complete obscurity, isolated & under-represented despite their essential role in keeping us all alive. Proposition is connecting those working in biodiverse farming with artists who have a cultural voice, to build bridges to catalyse change.

Overcoming challenges for artists
A history of a dominant elitist gallery systems has created a monoculture within the arts. Our studios remove barriers to entry & develop alternative ways for artists to earn a living. We offer access to free programmes with opportunities equivalent to those found in art school, as well as regularly offering paid commissions & facilitating commissions from other organisations, all while providing the most affordable studio space in London. Our full monthly program can be found here.

We do not subscribe to the myth of the romanticised starving artist. We believe in helping our community to generate income in original ways, as financial independence buys time which is the most valuable currency for creatives & should not have to be a luxury. We believe supporting & empowering artists & engaging with local communities through culture generates a vast ripple effect that defies measurement. The importance of the arts in society should be reflected with the autonomy of artists.