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If you find that you’re constantly questioning life, thinking something isn’t quite right, or not quite as happy or relaxed as you should be, then you need to do something to change that! And quickly. We believe the solution is simple: change the way you breath!   Your physical, psychological and emotional well-being is inextricably linked to the way you breathe. Our coaches can teach their students how to identify their dysfunctional breathing habits; help them understand why they have formed these habits; address the underlying psychological or physiological issues that cause them; and, most importantly, learn how to push positively past them using revolutionary breathing techniques that are guaranteed to ensure those we help gain a new lease of life and, just as importantly, a fresh insight into their lives.

Throughout the course you will be supported by an impressively expert team of dedicated professionals. You will be placed in a group of three and given your very own dedicated breath coach, who will work privately with you to make sure you get everything you want to out of the Course. So the tuition will be discreet and truly tailor-made. Your coach will be your personal breathe guru, teaching you the revolutionary methods that thousands of people have already practiced, learned and benefited from.

This workshop is done with groups of 20 people.

A respiratory coach is working with both participants.

CONFERENCE ROOM for 40 people in London in Marylebone

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