T.O.A.D. Show at Lesnes Abbey, Bexley

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You are invited to our T.O.A.D. Show at Lesnes Abbey, Bexley, hosted by Froglife’s London Tails Of Amphibian Discovery (T.O.A.D.) Project. Come along for a fun day out for children and adults!

This event celebrates the successful pond restoration of Pine Pond carried out by Froglife and the local council in March 2019. Before the work, Pine Pond had little native vegetation, low oxygen levels and no breeding amphibians. Within 2 weeks of the restoration work, toads were spotted breeding in the pond. The UK’s toad population has declined by 68% over the last 30 years so Pine Pond is now a valuable asset in helping the species survive.

Our T.O.A.D Show will include a variety of free activities available for the public to get involved with, including:

• Free Wildlife Photography Workshops with an expert wildlife photographer
• Virtual Reality Experience – See what life is like from a toad’s point-of-view!
• Guided Walks around the site
• Local street artists live-painting a mural of a common toad (1 of an edition of 7 in London)
• Pond Doctor – Ask our resident expert any questions you have about amphibians or ponds
• Information Stand – Learn how to identify London’s reptiles and amphibians and find out what it takes to build the perfect pond
• Children’s activities

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