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Oct 30

Relationship workshops with Family Constellations – “Chance for Love”

October 30, 2021

Relationship Workshops

Relationship Workshops

Meeting for a Season, Reason or Life Systemic Constellations with Alex Piotrowska
A workshop about relationships and everything that happens in them.
Personal relationships are one of the most important areas of our lives. This is a workshop about trust, alignment, rejection, abandonment, betrayal, family conscience. It is a workshop about men and women, about lovers, disrespected partners, about love, and about what love is not.
It is a workshop about us. About me, about you and them… about all those who want to resolve the ties that bind us so that you can finally go your way in relationships
Relationships are a broad and deep subject.
I invite you to this workshop to explore your past, present and future potential relationships.

Set up your own constellation as a Client
• State your issue briefly and answer a few factual questions.
• Choose others from the group to represent your family, watch as the facilitator gently guides the unfolding process to reveal hidden dynamics.
• Clear confusion, hurt and blame to resolve the issue at hand. Maintain certain privacy as only snippets of your family are revealed.
• Allow the full impact of the experience to absorb and develop over time.
Be a representative.

• Experience the insight and compassion of someone else’s experience.
• Learn through the similarities to your own personal situation.
• See how Constellations work before deciding to do your own process.
WHERE: PUTNEY LIBRARY, High Street, Putney, London SW15 1SN
Get to Putney Bridge Station by tube and then 5 minutes walk across the bridge.
WHERE, 30.10. 2021 we start 9.30 am, until 6 pm
COST: £160 for a person working with their question, £ 120 for a representative participant
BOOKINGS http://www.familyconstellation.net/bookings.html
Contact: psychologuk@gmail.com
WHATSAPP phone: 0795 7586656

Some questions you might ask yourself
… why I’m in a relationship, want to leave even though everything is going well, or live in unfulfillment.
Why don’t I succeed even though I love, why do I love only unattainable partners, why do I carry so much anger inside even though He is good and She is trying? This will be a workshop about the ways of love through the patterns that function in your family. It will be a workshop where you meet and draw out the pathways of the heart, the men and women of the family tree, to heal what has perhaps been waiting to be seen and felt for a long time.
This will be a workshop about what pattern of relationship you have created as a child, but perhaps it is no longer useful to adult life.
Perhaps you do not see and have no place in your heart for all the actors that this pattern has played out in the past of your lineage? Are you angry at mistresses, at women who take men? Where in the lineage is the mistress that no one sees? Are you furious about insincerity in a relationship? Where in the lineage relationship did insincerity lead to life? Who was insincere in feelings with whom? Are you unable to stand your ground in a relationship? Do you associate a relationship with something hard ? Something where you cannot grow? Where can’t you feel the love? Do you want a new partner? Is that a way out? Do you feel that you can’t move past betrayal in a relationship? Who has been betrayed and not allowed themselves to live through it to the end? Who do you carry this for, and who are you so close to in your soul? Are you constantly being abandoned by your partners? Which woman or man has not experienced abandonment in favour of someone else? Or maybe you are still afraid to show yourself in a relationship, and you play someone others accept, but you still feel that it is just a mask and not the real you? The answers are within you, in the field of your lineage.
You can only choose a role model when you see what you have come to choose. So this will be a workshop about where your heart is and whether you can definitely carry it in your body.
This workshop will be about the imbalance of feelings in a couple that causes our relationship to become a pressure cooker.
It will be a workshop about how love succeeds and how to love with the head, that is, according to the orders of love. And how to love in the body, and not just in a mental or spiritual space.
This will be a workshop about life and happiness in relationships because, as research shows, happiness is our relationship. It is not the number of our relationships but their quality and depth.
Without a doubt, this will also be a workshop about your mum and your dad, because they are the ones who started it all, and without naming what happens in this relationship, it is impossible to walk on your own two feet into adulthood and leave the family home.
During the workshop, you will have the opportunity to connect deeper to your own questions and issues, do your personal work and participate as a representative in others’ constellations.

Your Facilitator Alex Piotrowska psychotherapist trainer, coach. She is an accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and Therapy. Alex runs a private psychotherapy practice in London where she deals with relationship difficulties and couples coaching.


putney library
5-7 Disraeli Road Putney
London, SW15 2DR United Kingdom
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