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“Cloudburst” (2012), dir Thom Fitzgerald. With Olympia Dukakis, Brenda Fricker and Ryan Doucette. An exhilarating, crazy older-dykes-on-the-run movie, as Stella (Dukakis) liberates her blind life partner Dot (Fricker) from an old people’s home where she’s been interred by Dot’s daughter.

They flee to Canada to get married, in order to give Stella rights; on the way they pick up a male stripper (Doucette)… Something for absolutely everyone. Dukakis is back right now at the age of 90 in the new ‘Tales of the City’ – the dykon to end all dykons! This is the part of her life as the sweariest bulldagger you could imagine, hilarious, inspirational, and ultimately very moving. This is a cult classic.

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