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Oct 23

PiP’s Plant Parlour by Mileece

October 23, 2019 - November 3, 2019


This bio-reactive, plant-controlled installation aims to open pathways to relaxation and emotional healing through nature, art and sound.

Designed by award winning and critically acclaimed artist Mileece, the installation will enable participants to create original quadrophonic sound, based on their interaction with plants.

Inside a mobile Pod, the public can interact with the living landscape and connect to remote ecologies through immersive audio and imagery.

Cloaked with lush groves of plants; a bio-generated electronic and bioacoustic soundscape will generate a unique, harmonic, restorative sonic atmosphere that changes from living interactions. Small electrodes attached to leaves will sense subtle changes occurring within the physiology of plants, the data will then be processed through Mileece’s self-authored software and transformed into unique musical soundscapes, designed with the intention to be pleasing to both humans and the plants themselves.


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