LI YILEI : Architectures of disembodied sound

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After Li’s recent performances at Cafe Oto and Dronica Festival in May. This August Li will be bring some new work to SET Dalston, playing an one hour long set consists of music selected from album UNABLED FORM and a newly released field recording album – “Compilation 2017​-​2019 Sound events;Sonic representations; metaphors and space telling”.


Spanning across sound, performance, multi-media installations and moving image. Li’s works are developed through a primarily conceptual basis. The works are the manifestation of an inquiry into tropes of phenomena, existence, power dynamics, and the politics of sound and listening.

Li constantly examines the discriminatory perception of the world’s phenomena in its subtlest terms. Characterised by a replete of poeticism, lines are drawn across these seemingly disparate thoughts through a minimalistic approach. Exploring the inaudible and diaspora body, as well as the practice of non-hierarchical listening. Through creating sonic events and sonic information, telling a space and forming a field of social tension.

As an experimentalist in the field of music, Li often creates quasi instrumental sculptures, using obscure instruments and field recordings, improvising with sampler and daily objects. Li’s work ranges from cinematic atmospheric music to noise.

Li’s musical work has performed and exhibited throughout countries like China, London, Sweden, Norway and Austria. Those work has also been played on BBC Radio 3, Resonance FM, national radio of France, Italy and more. Li’s recent EP 0:00 has also been featured on The Wire magazine Tapper CD issue 49.


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