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Relax and learn the art of Tai Chi every Saturday.

The art of Tai Chi is said to improve muscle strength, flexibility, balance, circulation and concentration. Most importantly if you know the technique right, it works as a form of self defence.

The simplicity yet effectiveness of the movement is suitable for ages 8 to 80. So bring grandma and grandma and not only learn something new but gain an essential skill.

Things you will learn include: chi kung deep breathing, the Yang style Tai Chi long form, self defence techniques, pushing hands exercises – and a healthy dose of Chinese philosophy!

Rain or shine. Meet at the tree during sunny days. In an event of rain meet under the railway bridge on Reading Lane (3 min from London Field lido).

Meet Under this tree

Classes are led by Master Simon Wong (Sifu). As well as teaching martial arts for over 30 years, he is a master of Tantric Buddhism. Have a chat with him and you can be enlightened too! Read more about TAI CHI

As a martial artist Sifu has been featured in many magazines over the years –

Call 07957 356753 for more details.

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