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Winter is coming…

And so are Impossible Things Entertainment, to The Aeronaut, with their greatest spectacular yet! Step into your favourite fantasy world as it is recreated before your eyes! With the power and skill of our talented, singing, circus troupe. We will sing songs of fire and ice as we journey with you to Westeros and witness with horror Cersei’s walk of shame!

Dragons & T*tt*es Cabaret Show

To Essos for our Dothraki contortionist and back to Braavos to see our very own drag queen serve the Many Faced God as our ‘woman of many faces’! We will call on you to help Arya Stark and Jon Snow search for Dragonglass and Valyrian Steel so they can battle against the on-coming White Walkers! BUT BE WARNED, our furious, fire-breathing dragon-human hybrids will attack!

Join us!

There’s’ no more time!!!

Winter is HERE!

Dragons & T*tt*es Cabaret Show


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