London Bookshop Crawl

The London Bookshop Crawl is back for its fourth year and is bigger and better than ever! For a weekend in February join book lovers across London as we explore 80 of the capital's wonderful bookshops, many of whom will be offering bookshop crawl exclusive discounts, freebies and other special things. Participation in the bookshop … Continue reading London Bookshop Crawl

Debugging the human brain

Summary Over a billion people suffer from a brain disorder, few of which are well-treated by existing drugs or devices. A key problem is that the brain is a complex, densely wired circuit made out of neurons, varying in shape, biomolecular composition, and patterns of connectivity. Pinpointing how to treat brain disorders demands better maps … Continue reading Debugging the human brain

Edible Cinema: The Red Shoes

Edible Cinema is a creative initiative organised by renowned unsual event specialist, Polly Betton, in partnership with experimental chefs Blanch & Shock, and mixologists from Conker Spirit and Fentimans for this very special screening. Turning a night at the cinema into a memorable event, Edible Cinema has been described by Vogue as ‘gastronomic theatre’ and … Continue reading Edible Cinema: The Red Shoes


IDENTITY Identity examines how our (often distorted) self-perceptions are shaped by experience, society and the media as well as its impact on mental health, the importance of talking about these anxieties and the transformative power of self-expression, such as art. IDENTITY features the work of Bruno Metra and Laurence Jeanson The duo say that the … Continue reading IDENTITY