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Who is Anita Giovannini?

She’s an actress, comedian, singer.  An Italian performing artist who has performed all around the world.

At the age of twenty while studying modern literature in university, Anita discovered acting when she was selected to perform a leading role in a TV program.  The next decade was spent studying acting and circus arts and experimenting with different forms of performing arts: her body of work includes short films, traditional and experimental theatre, and singing live.

In 2012, Paris, Anita met Jango Edwards, the King of Clowns. She attended his clowning masterclass which opened doors for her international career; she collaborated and travelled with Jango for the next seven years performing in Europe (France, Spain, Holland, and Italy) and Brazil. This was when Anita ‘met’ her alter-ego, Anita Luna THE DIVA.

Looking to grow further, Anita went to the US where she fell in love with the alternative American style of acting based on authenticity, keeping it real, removing and not adding. She took acting masterclasses, which was a very important step for her self-awareness and growth.

Anita worked with Jango to build her one-woman show ‘Anita Luna THE DIVA’, taking the approach of performing parts of the show in different contexts – cabaret, theatre, bars. The complete show was then premiered in Rome in December 2016; a life-changing point for her.

In 2019, Anita did her first world tour, bringing her one-woman show to the UK and Ireland (Manchester, London, and Galway) and she debuted at Theatre Row, Broadway New York.

Her show won the Judges Choice Award in Ireland, Best Online Live Performance, Paris Fringe, and received a 4-star review by Broadway World.

In 2020, she was scheduled to perform her second world tour in Paris, San Diego, Hollywood, Mexico and London. Anita performed virtually at the Paris Fringe; her other shows are currently on hold until 2021.

She loves traveling, airports and jetlag. Anita is passionate about body art – her skin is a living canvas mirroring the growth of her inner life.




About Anita Giovannini

I started studying performing arts when I was doing my degree in Modern Literature. My body of work covers short film, monologue, theatre, singer/songwriter, circus and live performance art in Italy and abroad. After experimenting with various art forms, my alter ego Anita Luna THE DIVA was born in 2013, while studying comedy and the art of clown with my clown master, Jango Edwards.

Anita Luna THE DIVA is the amalgamation of all my artistic skills, my best bet on myself.


BroadwayworldUK 2019

“Anita Luna is not merely a diva, she’s The Diva. She takes a look at her life-story, sharing it through physical comedy and cabaret aiming to find bittersweet humour in the tragedy. “

“Anita Luna is fun, joyful, intriguing, and unabashed. “

Binge Fringe 2020

“Luna is a talented singer and performer who brings mirth and glamour to the role. Her physical performances are wild and out there, giving every effort to entrancing the audience with this audacious character.”

“This show is a true wildcard. “