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Manchester-based biker streetwear brand, BODA SKINS, has now announced their upcoming pop-up store. The WKNDR event will be launching from 29th September-2nd October at the White Rabbit Studios in Shoreditch, East London.

After long hiatus from the WKNDR events due to the last year of COVID complications, the return of BODA’s WKNDR pop-ups has been well received by the BODA fans, with the London event being the first of many that will be stretching across iconic cities such as New York, Toronto, Zurich, and Amsterdam.

Team BODA will be taking one of every item, in every size, from the full collection of luxury garments in their arsenal. This will allow WKNDR attendees to try what they like, and if they’re to purchase, their brand new BODA will be shipped straight to their front door from the BODA HQ in Manchester.

Visitors to the event will have full access to BODA SKINS’ leathers, shearlings, variety, puffers, and jersey items, as well as the chance to get their hands on BODA’s latest collection with metal legends, Metallica.


“BODA SKINS helped me find the perfect jacket for winter, but also one that allowed me to wear throughout the rest of the year. Their versatile puffer converts into a gilet, so when the sun is out, I’m still able to wear.”