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Listen to the Story of Harry Potter

Love Harry Potter? Listen to the Audiobook while relaxing, cleaning, bathing or even driving. Listen for free by clicking the link below: Listen to...

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Make being home an Event – 5 apps

Stuck at home with a small group of housemates or family? Here are some fun apps to play together. Gather up your friends and...

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Virtual London

Want to tour around London, or go sightseeing, but you can't? Here's a suggestion, join the Virtual tour of London. Big Ben 360 View Take a...

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Mass gatherings – banned across the UK

Article source taken from The Guardian: UK to ban mass gatherings in coronavirus U-turn Measure likely to come into effect next week after sporting bodies and...

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Covid 19 in UK

About coronavirus (COVID-19) Read general advice such as: how it spreadshow to avoid infection Get information about coronavirus (COVID-19) orread answers to common questions about it. Find out what...

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