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Canoe Inc Ltd

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Canoe began in 2003. We are proud non-conformists and it is one of the primary reasons for our growth and success. Creativity and passion is the lifeblood of the team; we cultivate an environment that nurtures and encourages it.
We continually deliver groundbreaking, effective campaigns because we understand that the consumers’ needs are the driving force of everything we do.
Content. Media. Social. The works.

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91 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL




Hey there. We’re Canoe. We are one of London’s most experienced creative agencies specialising in PR, Social and everything creative.

Our name was inspired by a book. Our ethos by a few words scribbled in the forward. Paddle your own canoe.

It reminds us that success is a direct result of active work, so we never forget to roll up our sleeves and get on with it which is essential for every modern creative PR agency. See the world from a fresh perspective. And stay connected to the real world. It’s an ethos that continues to guide us.

We don’t think of ourselves as being digital or full-service, social or integrated or whatever’s trending right now. We’re a creative agency that’s all about being relevant. We create and implement insightful strategies that put brands at the heart of people’s lifestyles in the ways that work best for them.

So far it seems to be working. We consistently produce measurable success on a worldwide scale. Our clients tend to stay on board, building effective long-term partnerships. And we can’t seem to get rid of our staff either, most of who are happy to grow with us.

Well, that’s us. We are Canoe. And we offer exceptional PR, social and creative that really works in the real world.

PR / Social / Creative. Any of them. All of them. Whatever it takes to reach out, grab the attention and not let go in meaningful, powerful and personal ways.

Through operating for a number of years as a creative agency, we’ve learnt that with PR, Social and creative work, there’s no set formula for getting results. Our Shoreditch based experts start by understanding how the people you want to interact with interact with the world. Then use this insight to design and implement a strategy that aligns your brand with their behaviour.