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Objective Entertainment make immersive social games that help you create unique and unforgettable shared experiences.

​Our games have vivid, memorable characters and fun-to-play objectives, placing you at the heart of the action.

Revolutionising a dated format, we invite you into a world that is truly immersive and like nothing else.

As we face new challenges in how we interact, we provide a unique solution for players to meet, socialise, grow in confidence, express themselves, and escape.



On NYE 2019, we did a murder mystery
The guests were hyped for a night of intrigue and playful socialising, but despite our full commitment and the host’s best efforts, the traditional murder mystery format simply didn’t deliver.

Even though the appetite was there, restrictive instructions, unclear objectives, generic characters, and an off-the-shelf backstory meant it was stilted, frustrating, and ultimately… boring.

We decided to do it our own way
As RADA trained actors, writers and theatre makers, we decided to create our own. The aim… to make it easy to be brilliant and have a brilliant time.

Clear, simple instructions. Against-the-clock rounds. Relevant, well-written stories. Fun, modern characters. No admin for the host.

Beyond murder mystery
Our first test game, The Art of Murder, hosted in a warehouse one cold night in January, was a roaring success. A full 22-person version was in development… but in the wake of COVID-19, we refocused and created our newest game.

Inspired by Big Brother, players enter the house as their character for a nostalgia trip back to Y2K (and spoilers… there’s no murder at all.) THIS IS REALITY 2000 is designed for Zoom for 6-12 players and is like no game you’ve ever played.

Immerse yourself in a new reality
Join us on our journey to create a new type of immersive entertainment, beyond murder mystery, with you at its heart.

Subscribe to our website, follow us on social, and get some friends or colleagues together to play THIS IS REALITY 2000.