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At Blue Rhino Art Consultancy, collaboration is at the heart of our mission. We believe that art should be an active process of bringing people together; generating inspiration through knowledge of different cultures, perspectives and ways of life, and creating prolific diversity which is found in the art world at its best.

The practice of collecting art is rapidly and globally increasing. Since the first online art sales took place nearly 20 years ago, the internet and online sales continue to have a transformative effect on the industry, democratizing what was once a niche for a wealthy elite and making artworks from every corner of the world accessible. While COVID-19 has has strictly limited physical access to art fairs, exhibitions and collections, we have at least retained this virtual window on the art world.

With an increase in art collectors online comes increasing demand for experts to can assist with the process of acquisition, buying and investment. We, Blue Rhino Art Consultancy, are an indispensable tool for any buyer who is serious about securing a remarkable collection of artworks that will enrich a space in the present and prove to be a valuable investment well into the future.

From our home in Istanbul, Blue Rhino has been fortunate to work with some of the foremost and hitherto under-represented talent in Turkey, Iran and the wider Middle East. Through exhibitions and symposiums in Turkey and across Europe it has been our privilege to showcase the achievements of these emerging, established, and master artists to new audiences. We are uniquely positioned to help you too explore this rich and largely untapped market.

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