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Merit Ariane: Singer

Hyelim Kim: Taegŭm (Korean Flute)

Alcyona Mick: Piano,

Louai Alhenawi: Nay (Arabic Flute)

Antonia Romero: Percussion

Visuals: Jessie Rodger

Poetry: Octavia Bright

Birds are free. They traverse boundaries, real or imaginary, linking the realms of the living and dead, magic and reality, nature and art. In some places, birds are seen as the carriers of stories; we understand their songs, no matter what language we speak. In this exciting new project, Merit Ariane and her international ensemble create a musical tapestry of new and traditional material, crossing cultures and continents, connecting music to the magic of birdsong. As more borders are built, birds represent what deeply connects us as humans, our childhood dreams and longing to be free and soar.

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