Crime Game – Dead Man’s Hand

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If you are a fan of mystery games, you have a new crime scene.

Players must work in teams of 3-6 to collect clues. They will meet characters and gather evidence to solve the case.  The game is incredible trilling with a combination of theater, elements of escape rooms, storytelling and a hint of comedy. The game takes 4-5 hours. Starting 26 May 2018 and 13 other Saturdays.

Dead Man's Hand

The Story of  Dead Man’s Hand.

Jack Spade thought he had been dealt the right cards, but reckless gambling seems to have cost him his life. All those who sat around the poker table that night have something to hide, but can your party work out which card sharp was responsible for his murder? If you’re ready to go all-in, then the nearby streets hold the clues and characters, but you’ll need all your cunning, and maybe a favour or two from Lady Luck, to catch the killer.

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