Crossing Cultures Crossing Culture The London Philharmonic Orchestra is bringing you a variety of  music and performances rich in culture. Introducing 3 genre-defying works from 2010 by Ravi Shankar, Philip Glass and John Corigliano. The late Ravi Shankar was a musician who brought worlds together, and when the LPO premiered his Symphony in 2010, it attracted global … Continue reading Crossing Cultures

Imperial Lates Smart Fahion

Imperial Lates: Smart Fashion

Imperial Lates was an event in London that took place to showcase how smart technology combined with fashion could create something wonderful. It was an event open to public. In an article written by Bernadeta Dadonaite, School of Professional Development on the Imperial Collage London Website she states that researchers from across the College showcased … Continue reading Imperial Lates: Smart Fashion

London school students use science to solve city challenges

In an article written by Joanna Wilson on 15th February, she reports that Young people across the capital were tasked with creating innovative solutions to make London a better place as part of a unique outreach programme. Below is her rather interesting article: The School’s Challenge, run by Imperial College London in collaboration with J. … Continue reading London school students use science to solve city challenges

Underbelly Festival in South Bank

Enjoy the live entertainment of the Underbelly Festival in South Bank. Interesting acts such as al-fresco eating , drinking comedy at underbelly festival, underbelly circus and cabaret shows and underbelly family shows. The event happens throughout the year from April to September. You can also drop by the free-to-enter festival site to tuck into street … Continue reading Underbelly Festival in South Bank